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There would always be a dentist to attend to you when you come in. You can also schedule an appointment in advance
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We offer general dental care, child dental care, cosmetic dentistry, implants, one-day crowns and so on
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We accept card and cash payments. We also have a list of HMO and companies that we cater to.
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We always treat emergencies as such... even outside our schedule. A phone call would do...
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Our pride is that our patients leave happy. But don't take our word for it...

I came to Nene dental centre for the first time last year and was blown away by the friendliness of the staff. That helped me eliminate my fears of the dentist and my gums are a lot more healthy now!
I enjoyed every step of my treatments. I particularly appreciated the time spent to address my concerns and answer my many questions! My teeth are a lot better than before and I am better informed about my dental health.

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We all work together to serve you and your family so that you can be happy...just like us!
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You can read educative topics on your dental health right here

15 dental myths that many Nigerians believe

All over the world, there are myths for practically everything and dentistry is by no means left out. Fortunately, people are fast realizing that those scary stories are false. In the past, many believed that dentists are always eager to remove teeth and that they often do this using a hammer and chisel or that […]

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How lemon water may be destroying your teeth

These days, many more people are taking lemon juice in warm water, in tea, or steeped in cucumber and mint leaves over night. Lemon is said to aid digestion, provide nutrients (such as Vitamin C, citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and pectin), boost your immune system, strengthen liver functions, dissolve gallstones, reduce inflammation, reduce […]

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Why hard toothbrushes are simply evil!

Warning: you may burn your hard toothbrush after reading this! Can you imagine using a pot scouring sponge as a washcloth for your face. Yep! That’s basically what using a hard toothbrush for brushing your teeth is.   The problem with hard toothbrushes Hard brushes do not adapt to the contour of the teeth and […]

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